Gravi hopper

Gravi hopper is a range of three devices (GH10, GH20, GH50) continuously controlling material flow of up to 6 extruders. It is designed to control extrusion process via material flow metering. It is applicable to pipe, mono-/multi-layers blow or cast film processes. The Gravi hopper is based on advanced gravimetric sensor technology.

  • Modular design, safe, simple, and reliable use
  • Components: HSP weighing module, HVH hopper module, HRE speed encoder, HMW meter counting wheel encoder, EC-GH control module
  • Operation and display through Sonner M200 controller
  • Capacity: 1 to 800 kg / h
  • Processes: plastics extrusion (fi­lm, sheet, pipe and profi­le manufacturing)
  • Handled material: free-flowing (pellets and granules) and non-flowing (flakes)
  • ISVD 70 / 100 / 150 refilling valve: Aluminum alloy body with anti-oxidation surface Stainless steel slide plate
  •  0.6 - 0.8 MPa compressed air control device
  •  Standard installing frame
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