GBL-LWM is a range of two feeders (GBL-LWM10 and GBL-LWM20) processing liquid material continuously. It is a continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing system for various viscosity liquid additives, which is applied to handling plastic pellets in compounding and extrusion processes. GBL-LWM series provides constant and accurate processing thanks to a suitable dosing pump, an advanced weighing system and sophisticated software.

  • Modular design, safe, simple, and reliable use
  • Components: LFE feeder pump module, LVH weighing hopper, LSP weighing module, EC-LWL control module
  • Operation and display through Sonner M250 industrial computer
  • Capacity: 1 to 200 L / h
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 to 0.25 %
  • Processes: polymer compounding (polyolefins modification, engineering plastics,polymer alloys, masterbatch, composites), plastics extrusion (cable), food processing
  • Handled material: liquids
  • Refilling hopper module: 40 L / 80 L stainless steel hopper Stainless steel hopper lid Inlet / filter type dust outlet Silicon sealing parts
  • IEVD32 refilling electrical valve: Stainless steel body and surface, plating treatment Stainless steel gate
  • Inlet / outlet soft connector
  • Standard installing frame
  • Heater parts to heat up solidfied liquids at ambient temperature
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