FC automatic conveying system is a vacuum system handling material from a material hopper to the main production line through a concentrate pipeline installation. In standard configuration, one blower combined with a filter can handle up to 4 vacuum receivers at the same time. FC vacuum conveying system handles granular material (spherical, cylindrical, flat, or regrind). Its capacity ranges from 600 to 2500 kg / h. While conveying material, dust may be generated. Thanks to FAF filter, the FC vacuum conveying system keeps conveying pipelines clean and improves the quality of the production.

  • Modular design, safe, simple, and reliable use
  • Components: FSH vacuum receiver (composed of a material receiver, a vacuum chamber and a dust remover), FAF ­filter and FSV blower
  •  Operation and display through Sonner M100 controller
  •  Capacity: up to 2500 kg / h for granule, up to 1500 kg / h for powder
  • Processes: plastics extrusion, injection and chemical fiber
  • Handled material: free-flowing (pellets, granules and powders)
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