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Gravi-hopper extrusion flow / meter weight control system
Technical structure of the product:
  • Dismountable stainless steel weighing hopper;
  • Anti-interference weighing unit;
  • Horizontal sliding making up valve;;
  • Testing and monitoring the velocity of extrusion screw stem;
  • Velocity control of the extrusion screw stem;
  • Testing and monitoring the hauling speed.
Technical advantage of the product:
  • High accuracy:Extrusion flow / meter weight control is realized with loss-in-weight testing principle;
  • High stability: Optimized weighing platform design with great anti-interference performance in difficult environment
  • Excellent serviceability: Easily disassembled structure design in order to clean the feeder quickly.
UM series gain-in-weight batch dosing system
Technical structure of the product:
  • 4 dosing stations, deploying standard vertical valves;
  • Deploying minute quantity metering valve;
  • Deploying precise screw stem dosing device;
  • Weighing hopper of stainless steel;
  • Horizontal stainless steel stirring bin;
Technical advantage of the product:
  • Adopting modular design, being suitable for metering different granule and flake raw materials;
  • Optimized design for stirring and mixing without dead angle;
  • Optimized and accurate dosing order, possessing the performance of high efficiency and accuracy.
M250 industrial computer controller
Technical structure of the product:
  • 6.4" TFT LCD screen;
  • 35 film keys;
  • Operating ambient: Ambient temperature should be within 0-45°C and air humidity < 85% is required;
  • Port;
  • RS422/485/232;
  • LPT parallel port;
  • VGA port;
  • USB port;
  • Power supply: 90-240VAC/50Hz
Technical advantage of the product:
  • Menu type operation interface;
  • Analogue presentation of flow chart;
  • On-line Chinese/ English display and operation;
  • On-line inputting and setting parameters;
  • On-line inching/automatic run;
  • St